History and Milestones
  • 2024

    Implemented a company-wide strategic shift towards Web3, aiming to become a pure and leading Web3 listed company.

    Received shareholder mandate in April to increase cryptocurrency purchases by US$100 million, primarily in BTC and ETH.

    As of March 31, 2024, held approximately 1,194 units of BTC and 15,182 units of ETH.

  • 2023

    Began investing in Web3 gaming and Web3 infrastructure R&D, focusing on promoting the development of Web3 gaming-related businesses.

    Received shareholder mandate in December to allocate US$100 million for cryptocurrency purchases, mainly BTC and ETH, and started accumulating cryptocurrencies.

    Awarded "Best Listed Company at ESG Advancement" at the Hong Kong International ESG Ranking.

  • 2022

    Obtains the "2021 Philanthropic Festival" (2021年度慈善公益奖) award, given by the Guangdong Entertaining & Game Industry Association.

    Obtains the TopOn2021 Annual Advertising Monetization - "Yingfeng Award" (盈峰奖).

  • 2021

    Obtains the "Best ESG Practices Listed Company" (最佳ESG实践上市公司) award at the 2021, 11th Hong Kong International Finance Forum (香港国际金融论坛) and China Securities Golden Bauhinia awards (中国证券金紫荆奖).

    Obtains "Shenzhen Digital Cultural Secure and Trustworthy Unit" (深圳数字文化安全可信共建单位) certificate, issued by the Shenzhen Internet Cultural Market Industry Association (深圳市互联网文化市场协会).

    Obtains the 2021 "Integrity Business Unit" (诚信经营承诺示范单位) certificate, issued by the Assembly of the Hundred Industries and Thousands of Enterprises of Shenzhen (深圳百行千企诚信经营宣誓大会).

  • 2020

    Obtains the "Top 10 Overseas Brands of 2020" (2020年度十佳出海品牌) award at the Beluga Global GTC2020 Global Traffic Conference.

    Obtains the "2019 Listed Company Social Responsibility award" (2019上市公司社会责任奖) at the 9th China Charity Festival.

  • 2019


    6th International Boyaa International Poker Tournament – 2019 BPT Europe, in the Czech Republic.

    Boyaa Interactive game wins "Green App of the Year 2019" (2019年度绿色应用).

    Yunnan Agricultural University together with nine universities in Yunnan held the 2019 Board and Card Games League "Boyaa Cup" (“博雅杯”云南九大高校象棋联赛).


    2019 "Boyaa Cup" (博雅杯) – Mahjong Charity Competition, Zigong & Chengdu branches (Sichuan).


    2019 "Boyaa Cup" (博雅杯) Board & Card Charity Competition, Changsha branch (Hunan).


    Enters the 2019 top 500 enterprises list in Shenzhen.

    2019 Boyaa Cup –Fight the Landlord Tournament, Changsha branch (Hunan).

    2019 “Boyaa Cup” (博雅杯) – Board & Card Games Charity Competition, Shenzhen branch.


    5th Boyaa Poker Tournament Asia – 2019 BPT Asia, in Taipei (Taiwan).


    2019 "Boyaa Cup" in the Board & Card Game University Tournament (高校象棋大赛), held by Yunnan Agricultural University.


    Boyaa Poker Tournament (BPT), Vietnam branch.

  • 2018

    The group accumulates more than 250 patents and trademarks, and more than 1,000 copyright authorizations.

    Obtains the 2017 "Advanced Unit" (先进单位) certificate, issued by the Shenzhen Internet Communications Industry (深圳市通信互联网行业).

    Obtains the 2017 "Outstanding Contribution" (突出贡献奖) award, issued by Internet Industry Advanced Units.

    Obtains the "2017 Innovative Company" (年度飞跃企业创新奖), issued by China Financial Market.

  • 2017


    Becomes the exclusive title sponsor of the 2017 Boyaa Board & Card College Alliance Competition (2017年博雅象棋高校联盟争霸赛), held along with eight universities in Yunnan.


    3rd Boyaa International Poker Tournament (BPT), in Macau.

    Boyaa Interactive cooperates with nearly twenty capital and Board & Card companies to jointly launch the TOP Board & Card Smart Game Alliance (TOP棋牌智力游戏联盟).

    Obtains “Most growth listed companies" (最具成长性上市公司) award at the 2016 Golden Hong Kong Stocks ceremony.

    Obtains again the 2016 "Most Promising Listed Company" (最具潜力上市公司奖) award, issued by China Financial Market.

    Donates money to an orphanage in Jakarta (Indonesia), and also starts a fundraising campaign for the floods in southern Thailand, purchasing a large amount of food and household goods and other supplies to be delivered to donation stations.

  • 2016

    In December, the Boyaa Poker Tour (BPT) is held in Sanya, becoming an essential element of the organization of China Rendez-Vous (海天盛筵展会).

    In October, the second BPT is held in Macau, a worldwide poker tournament that attracts 300 players from 16 countries. Continues to donate funds to the Macao Bishop's Hill Children's Center.

    Obtains a strategic partnership with the Chinese General Administration of Sports (国家体育总局战略合作伙伴资质), and starts collaborating with the General Administration to hold offline Board & Card games tournaments.

    Obtains the 2015 "The Most Promising Listed Company" (最具潜力上市公司奖) award, issued by the China Financial Market.

    The Thai branch implements the "Love and Donate" (捐资助学,为爱启程爱心拉力赛) charity program to help study students from poor schools and donate items to them for learning purposes. Boyaa Interactive fulfills its social responsibility through this program.

    Launches the new custom-made game "LeTV Fight the Landlord ' (乐视欢乐斗地主)' with the cooperation of LeTV, creating a new model of live broadcasting for Board & Card game online tournaments.

    Launches a Board & Card game platform in Indonesia. Updates and renews various Indonesia Board & Card games such as "CAPSA SUSUN", "REMI" and "CANGKULAN."

  • 2015

    First Boyaa International Poker Tournament (BPT) 2015 in Macau, with about 500 participants. There is a donation ceremony at the venue for the Macao Bishop's Hill Children's Center.

    Enters the smart TV business by cooperating with Alibaba games. The company holds the first "Taobao Cup'' (淘宝杯) tournament, a TV-version of Board & Card games. Also launches several smart TV-version games such as "Boyaa Board & Card" (博雅棋牌).

    Opens a branch in Indonesia and launches the local games "Domino Solitaire" and "Domino 99."

  • 2014

    Ranks top among the "Chinese Most Promising SMEs"(中国最具潜力中小企业榜单), according to Forbes.

    Launches the casual game "Happy Babies" (开心转转乐) in Traditional Chinese.

  • 2013

    On November 12th, Boyaa Interactive is successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0434.HK).

    The total number of registered users exceeds 300 million.

    Launches "Boyaa Texas Poker" in Swedish and Hungarian languages.

  • 2012

    Opens a Thai branch.

    The total number of registered users exceeds 200 million.

    Launches "Boyaa Texas Poker" in Polish, Italian, and Russian.

    Launches "King and Slave", the first game targeted at Thailand market.

  • 2011

    The total number of registered users exceeds 100 million.

    Launches "Boyaa Texas Poker" in several foreign language versions,

    including Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesia, Japanese,

    Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Korean.

    Launches "Ant Wars" in Simplified Chinese, Thai and Indonesian.

    Launches "American 8-Ball Pool" (博雅台球).

    Launches the Android version of "Boyaa Texas Poker."

  • 2010

    Introduces its first mobile game application on iOS and starts to cooperate with Apple Store.

    Launches "Boyaa Texas Poker" in Portuguese and Thai.

    Launches the casual game "Ant Wars" (虫虫特工队) in traditional Chinese.

  • 2009

    Launches "Boyaa Texas Poker" in Traditional Chinese.

    Launches "Happy Babies", a virtual pet-raising game.

  • 2008

    Begins to shift its development strategy towards online Board & Card games.

    Launches the company's first online card game: "Boyaa Texas Poker" (德州扑克).

  • 2004

    Shenzhen Dong Fang Bo Ya Technology Co., Ltd. begins to provide network chat room services, becoming one of the strongest chat room service providers in mainland China.